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NetBSD 6 open problem report summary

Problem reports that we would like fixed before the release:


PR # Category Synopsis Responsible

High priority

PR # Category Synopsis Responsible
12404 kern panic: ffs_alloccg: map corrupted kern-bug-people
12769 install clarify the upgrade notes for when the sets are on /usr install-manager
30525 kern remounting ffs read-only (mount -ur) does not sync metadata kern-bug-people
30756 bin gdb not usable for live debugging of threaded programs bin-bug-people
32318 kern NFS client or server hang yamt
32938 kern PCMCIA cards with fixed IO addresses are not working. kern-bug-people
34100 kern keyboard not working on my Compaq Presario V2658US notebook kern-bug-people
34735 kern diagnostic assertion failed genfs_vnops.c 1123 kern-bug-people
36097 kern http fetch stall in networking code kern-bug-people
36184 port-amd64 most programs emulated with LINUX_COMPAT crash on amd64 njoly
38078 bin IPFilter lacks documentation almost completely bin-bug-people
38265 kern sometimes /kern directory can not be read kern-bug-people
38457 kern ipf doesn't handle IPv6 fragments kern-bug-people
38540 kern recent i386 GENERIC kernel cannot boot with VIA chipset joerg
38643 kern [dM] st tape drive loses data kern-bug-people
38670 kern ^Z does not seems to suspend programs that vfork'ed and wait. kern-bug-people
38668 kern fast_ipsec, ipv6 ans socket locking doesn't play well together kern-bug-people
38760 kern umount -f /usr panics the system kern-bug-people
38965 kern tracing locking issue ad
38968 kern assertion "solocked2(so, so2)" failed at uipc_usrreq.c line 542 ad
39016 kern processes stuck in "tstile" joerg
39066 kern Tty settings mangled. kern-bug-people
39275 kern HEAD amd64 kernel hang at uhub5 at usb5 vendor 0x1002 EHCI ... joerg
39371 kern wapbl should allow mounting "/" even if journal is hosed joerg
39305 kern loops through gre(4) cause a hang or crash dyoung
39385 kern unmounting ptyfs with busy ptys causes deadlock in vrele kern-bug-people
40149 xsrc xorg radeon driver makes VGA mode unusable xsrc-manager
40562 kern busy loop in ffs_sync when unmounting a file system ad
40594 kern gdb does not work on 5.0 RC2 ad


PR # Category Synopsis Responsible
1880 bin mail has a too-limited implementation of string quoting bin-bug-people
5034 port-i386 the num lock light doesn't change when switching to X port-i386-maintainer
5870 bin Skey sequence# obtained by skeyinit is burned bin-bug-people
6536 bin wscons has no equivalent to PCVT_META_ESC kern-bug-people
6832 bin savecore could be better bin-bug-people
6841 kern using SIOCSIFNETMASK before SIOCSIFADDR corrupts in_ifaddr tailqueue kern-bug-people
8156 port-arm step/next in gdb do not work skrll
9127 xsrc CapsLock not properly handled between virtual consoles with X xsrc-manager
9582 install sysinst doesn't allow source or pkgsrc installation install-manager
9654 install i386 upgrade instructions imply a floppy necessary install-manager
9725 port-m68k GNU autoconf mmap() test causes panic in hp300-based m68k pmap code port-m68k-maintainer
9900 install sysinst only uses 1 drive install-manager
9904 install sysinst sometimes doesn't store network config install-manager
10277 install i386 floppies have slip but not ppp support install-manager
10411 port-alpha Incufficient cd devices in /dev, and no MAKEDEV port-alpha-maintainer
10582 port-alpha namespace pollution in profiled libc (symbol "mcount") port-alpha-maintainer
11219 standards less(1) is not compatible with POSIX.2 "more" standards-manager
11222 standards POSIX.2: ps -p etc don't take lists simonb
11223 standards POSIX.2: ps -G not supported simonb
12020 install Sysinst refuses upgrade unnecessarily (overzealous fscking) install-manager
12189 kern vnd deadlock kern-bug-people
13119 kern umapfs serverly broken kern-bug-people
13532 install the HTML generated for INSTALL.html is atrocious install-manager
13533 install there should be a PDF version of the INSTALL notes install-manager
13861 kern nullfs can't be remounted ro/rw kern-bug-people
13863 pkg writing to an shlight-mounted filesystem hangs and kills NFS pkg-manager
14578 bin sh(1) doesn't explain emacs editing mode reed
17593 install suggestions to improve sysinst wrt disk handling install-manager
17801 install sysinst doesn't correctly handle changing mount points or conflicting mount points install-manager
18257 standards POSIX.2-1992: ps(1)'s TIME column has the wrong format standards-manager
25810 kern ipf4 ftp proxy has problems with long 221- lines ipf-bug-people
32344 kern atu(4) makes kernel crash kern-bug-people
33642 kern Sometimes, creating new users and then chowning directories for them, leads to a panic. kern-bug-people
34452 kern Freecom USB HDD which worked with 2.x doesn't work with 3.1_RC1, 4.0_BETA or 4.99.1 kern-bug-people
37414 bin fdisk suggests input formats it doesn't accept bin-bug-people
37415 bin sysinst should be available after installation bin-bug-people
38629 kern tty returns garbage in a chroot environment with PTYFS joerg
38762 kern panic: vwakeup: neg numoutput kern-bug-people
39352 install sysinst enhancement suggestion: file browser install-manager

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