NetBSD-current/hpcmips build and test status

This web page displays the results of periodic automated builds and tests of NetBSD-current/hpcmips. It is updated roughly once a day.

Latest build results: 2021.

build: failed with 334475 lines of log

To reproduce the source used for this build, use cvs checkout -D 2021.

Build status history

The graphs below visualize the state of the build by plotting the number of lines in the build log from as a function of the source date, and coloring the points red or green depending on whether the build succeeded or failed.

The plots are constructed by looking for changes in the success/failure status of the periodic builds as well as significant changes in the size of the build log, and then pinpointing the time when the change occurred using binary search. Note that this is not guaranteed to find every build failure, because it can miss cases where the build is broken and then fixed again between two consecutive periodic builds. The converse case, when the build is fixed and then broken again between two consecutive periodic builds, is usually detected because the size of the build log has changed.

Viewing the graphs requires an SVG-capable browser. If you see no graphs below, please try the non-SVG version.

Clicking on the [details] links will bring up a list of the month's commits and builds in chronological order, as well as results from automated tests of installing the build, booting the installed system, and running the ATF tests using Anita.

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